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2017 Mazda CX-5: 5 Things You Need To Know 2017-09-20

The 2017 Mazda CX-5 is a near-complete redesign of the brand’s strong-selling compact crossover, and it comes hot on the heels of last year’s unusual 2016.5 model year refresh. 

Mazda Patent Application Shows Wild Engine With Twin Turbos and Electric Supercharger 2017-09-18

Is this something we might see in a future Miata?

Survey Reveals Lack of Enthusiasm for Driverless Cars 2017-09-16

A third of motorists fail to see any advantage of automated and driverless vehicles, according to a new study. When asked about what benefits will be delivered, the second most popular response was ‘none’.

Mazda3 Enters 2018 with More Standard Features 2017-09-14

The compact car segment is a crowded place with popular choices like the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, and Ford Focus, to name a few, making the choice for a smaller vehicle that much more challenging. For 2018, the Mazda3 is hoping to stay a little more competitive among the group by offering more standard features. 

Here's how Mazda's New HCCI Engine Works 2017-09-12


Toyota and Mazda to Share Next- Gen Infotainment Platform 2017-09-10

Toyota and Mazda only recently announced their partnership, but the first fruits of their labor will be seen very soon.

2018 Mazda CX-3 Sports Modest Updates; Prices Start at $21,050 2017-09-08

You may not be able to see most of the changes that Mazda has made to the 2018 CX-3, but the Japanese brand is hoping you’ll feel them.

Battery Technology must Evolve before Widespread Electric Vehicle Adoption 2017-09-06

Despite the buzz around electric vehicles, the chairman of Japanese car maker Toyota is skeptical that consumers will embrace such cars immediately, given current limitations in battery technology.

2018 Mazda CX-3 Sports Modest Updates 2017-09-01

You may not be able to see most of the changes that Mazda has made to the 2018 CX-3, but the Japanese brand is hoping you’ll feel them.

Mazda Hits Upscale Vibe with New CX-5 2017-08-30

The CX-5 is a bit of a niche player in the compact crossover arena, outselling the likes of the Jeep Cherokee and Subaru Forester, but sitting way back from Escape, Rogue, CR-V, and RAV4 in the race for your attention.

What the Experts Say about the 2017 Mazda CX-5 2017-08-28

Comfortable, fun to drive, and five figures cheaper than a luxury crossover, the 2017 Mazda CX-5 compact SUV cuts an enviable alternative to premium rivals.

Will it or Won’t it? Mazda RX-9 Rumoured for October Debut 2017-08-26

Mazda is still staying quiet on whether the RX-Vision Concept is heading to production in the form of the ‘RX-9.’

The Car Connection: 2018 Mazda3 Review 2017-08-24

The 2018 Mazda 3 is proof that cheap can be cheerful, budget can be a blast, economical can be entertaining...and so on.

Why the 2017 Mazda MX-5 is Near Perfect 2017-08-22

The beloved ‘Miata’ is the quintessential sports car of our time, writes Jim Kenzie.

Mazda Takes Big Step in Fuel Efficiency with Elusive Engine Technology 2017-08-20

Mazda Motor Corp. said it would become the world’s first auto maker to commercialize a much more efficient petrol engine using technology that deep-pocketed rivals have been trying to engineer for decades, a twist in an industry increasingly going electric.

Mazda Exec Thinks the 'Death of the Internal Combustion Engine is Overrated' 2017-08-18

Ev's have made some big leaps in recent years, but Mazda apparently isn't quitting on internal combustion anytime soon.

2018 Mazda 3: More Standard Equipment for a Compact-Segment Standout 2017-08-16

While the new Honda Civic and its high-zoot Si and Type R variants have been dominating headlines in the compact-car world lately, the Mazda 3—its direct competitor—has kept calm and carried on, seemingly unfazed. 

Mazda Miatas Demonstrate Why Driving Matters 2017-08-14

In the span of my time so far on this planet, I’ve seen a lot of “sporty” car models come and go. Few have lasted for more than a couple of product generations and they have often evolved into something far different than the original design brief as manufacturers have tried to appeal to a broader market. 

In-Depth Review: 2017 Mazda6 2017-08-12

The discerning mid-size choice.

Toyota and Mazda Partner to Build Electric Cars 2017-08-10

Toyota Motor Corp and Mazda Motor Corp plan to build a $1.6-billion (U.S.) assembly plant in the United States, the two said on Friday, as part of an alliance that will also see the Japanese automakers jointly develop electric vehicle technologies.