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Study: Your Car is a Breeding Ground for Germs


By: Coleman Molnar –

Every now and then, science comes along and tells us that some surface or item we thought was relatively clean is in fact teeming with germs.

The latest undercover germ factory? Your car’s steering wheel.

That’s right, that thing you wrap your bare hands around multiple times a day,sometimes before and after delivering snacks to your mouth, is up to four times more dirty than a public toilet seat.Public. Toilet. Seat.

Let that sink in for a minute, like the bacteria on your leather-wrapped wheel’s rim.

Not far behind the steering wheel, which had 629 colony-forming units (CFUs), was the cupholder, with 506 CFUs.

Generally, CFUs cause unpleasant reactions including food poisoning, skin infections and inflammation.

The gag-inducing statistics come from data collected by, an automotive rental company owned by Expedia Group. To be clear, this is a very small study, with just 1,000 people polled, but its results are gross, nonetheless.

The study also found most of us have pretty low standards when it comes to car cleanliness. Of those polled, 32 percent admitted to washing the inside of their car just once per year, while 12 percent said they’ve never cleaned the surfaces of their car’s interior.

Regardless of how tidy you keep your own vehicle, eventually you’ll need to fill up your tank.Gas stations, it turns out, are disgusting cesspools, and we’re not just talking about the bathrooms.

Gas pump buttons were found to have 2.6 millions CFUs and the gas pump handle had 2 million CFUs. Germaphobes, stick to full-serve from now on.


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