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Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV in the Works 2019-06-26

Reports are that Ford is stepping up the pace on its Mustang-inspired electric SUV in hopes of having it ready by next year. 

2019 Mazda 3 Has Upped Its Game 2019-06-24

“An aspiration for all drivers.”

Parents Magazine’s 10 Best Vehicles for the Family 2019-06-22

Parents magazine has published a ranking of what it considers the Top 10 best family vehicles on the market.

Opinion: Why You Should Buy a Mazda CX-5 2019-06-20

There are all kinds of logical, rational reasons to pick one car over another, but we're not machines, the cars are. 

Android Auto is Getting an Upgrade! 2019-06-18

When discussing vehicles’ multimedia systems, our reviews often make mention of compatibility with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto applications (or the absence thereof).

2019 Mazda CX-3: Executed at a Premium Level 2019-06-16

The subcompact-crossover segment in the U.S. market keeps growing, which is giving more looks to one of the pre-existing class entries in the field: Mazda CX-3. 10 Best-Selling Vehicles of All Time 2019-06-14

This updated ranking of the Top 10 best-selling vehicles of all time features, at its head two juggernauts locked in a GoT-worthy battle royale for dominance.

Confirmed: Mazda to Launch Their First EV Vehicle in 2020! 2019-06-13

Mazda has finally seen the electric-vehicle light.

Mazda CX-5: Best Looking Mid-Size CUV 2019-06-12

The big news for the 2019 Mazda CX-5 comes under the hood and inside the cabin: for the first time, Mazda’s middle CUV gets a turbocharged motor. 

What are the Best Cars to Buy Used? 2019-06-10

There's an old adage that a new car loses 10% of its value the moment its first owner drives it off the lot. 

Exciting Times Ahead With Mazda's All-New Straight-Six Engine! 2019-06-08

While Mazda continues to be a bit of a leader in the sense that they’re stretching their Skyactiv four-cylinder engine tech to the absolute max– think everything from the compact Mazda3 to the three-row CX-9 crossover – it appears that even they are feeling a little bit of the “no replacement for displacement” mantra.

Are Ford Explorers Making Their Owners Sick? 2019-06-06

Migraine headaches, fatigue and dizziness were sidelining Bert Henriksen several times a week.

Mazda CX-3: True Feeling of Elegance 2019-06-04

The 2019 Mazda CX-3 is a refined small crossover that provides a true feeling of elegance, the expected Mazda zoom-zoom performance and a notable level of efficiency. 

IIHS Crash Tests: Most New Trucks in Need of Significant Improvement 2019-06-02

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s latest crash tests of 11 new trucks have found more than half the segment is in need of significant improvement, especially when it comes to collisions with objects like trees or poles.

Mazda CX-9 Signature: Luxury Level 2019-05-31

Three-row crossover SUVs are surging right now. 

World’s First Wireless Charging Station for Taxis is Coming to Norway 2019-05-29

Norway is already way into electric cars. 

What is Mazda's i-Activsense? 2019-05-27

How effective is Mazda i-Activsense and more importantly, how intrusive is it?

Warning Lights: What Your Vehicle is Trying to Tell You 2019-05-25

You can get paradise by them, apparently, but there's more to dashboard lights than pretty colors and '70s rock anthems. 

Mazda CX-5 Wins Auto Trader's Award for 'Best Car for Dog Owners' 2019-05-23

Mazda has won one of the quirkier gongs at the Auto Trader awards, taking the ‘Best Car for Dog Owners’ title. The trophy goes to the CX-5 SUV.

Volvo's In-Car Cameras Set to Become Standard in 2020 2019-05-21

Back in 2007, Volvo announced its Vision 2020 plan, the goal of which was to have zero fatalities or serious injuries in Volvo cars.