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Innovation: Electric Vehicle - near Campbell River


An electric-powered vehicle that offers Mazda's unique driving pleasure

We undertook development of electric vehicles with the aim of offering all our customers fun-to-drive performance and outstanding environmental and safety performance. The result is the Demio EV which offers both the sporty driving people expect from Mazda and a remarkable driving range of 200 km*. Mazda began leasing the Demio EV to local government bodies and corporate customers in Japan in 2012.

* Measured at Mazda with JC08 mode

Emits no CO2 while running, the mechanics of EVs

Electric vehicles have batteries and electric motors instead of engines and fuel tanks, and are powered entirely by electricity. They burn no fuel and as a consequence do not emit CO2 while running. This section describes how electric vehicles work.

1. Lithium-ion Battery

The Demio EV features a compact battery pack thanks to the use of small, high energy-density battery cells that allow a high degree of freedom in terms of layout.


Lithium-ion battery

Total Power


Total Voltage



Approx. 160L

2. Motor

The unique permanent-magnet three-phase alternating current synchronous electric motor with a unique coil-switching system produces powerful take-off and acceleration as well as a relaxed acceleration feel in the high range. When the vehicle decelerates, the motor works as a generator and converts the vehicles kinetic energy back into electricity.

Max Torque


Max Output




3. Converter

The convertor controls the output of the motor by regulating current and voltage coming from the battery in response to the motor's RPMs and changing driving conditions.

Advantage 1  Outstanding driving performance, enjoyable nimble driving with an EV

At Mazda we have always aimed to offer customers driving pleasure, and this is as true for the Demio EV as any other Mazda vehicle. Making full use of Mazda technology and know-how, the Demio EV delivers high levels of acceleration and handling performance along with an outstandingly comfortable ride.

Making the most of the advantages of EVs, exciting acceleration

Electric vehicles which move in response to the power output of the electric motor offer fine control of the sensation of acceleration. With the Demio EV, we took advantage of this special characteristic to realize exciting acceleration, different from that offered by gasoline engine cars.

1. A natural acceleration feel including take-off without jerkiness or delay when you step on the accelerator.
2. Changes in the degree of acceleration are linear, increasing as you push down on the accelerator.
3. Acceleration is smooth thanks to smooth changes in the degree of acceleration.

The only EV to employ a coil-switching motor

The Demio EV features a unique coil-switching motor which delivers both high torque and high RPMs by switching the number of coils engaged depending on the RPM count. The result is a combination of powerful takeoff and easy acceleration at high speed that a conventional motor cannot provide.

Agile handling and high-quality ride feel that only a Mazda can offer, plus extremely quiet cabin, a distinctive characteristics of an EV

The battery pack is unique to electric vehicles. The forward-rear weight distribution of the Demio EV has been optimized by locating the battery in a low and central position. It offers driving pleasure that only a Mazda can, with exciting, agile handling combined with high-quality ride feel brought by a powerful sense of stability. Another special feature of electric vehicles is the quietude of the cabin due to the complete lack of engine noise.

Advantage 2  JC08-mode 200 km of driving range for excellent practicality

The Demio EV combines the fuel-efficiency technologies which allow the Mazda Demio to attain a fuel economy rating of 25 km/L*1 with an efficient electricity management system to achieve a class-leading*2 AC electricity consumption rate of 100 Wh/km and a 200 km*3 driving range under the JC08 mode test cycle.

*1 JC08 mode fuel economy rating at start of sales (June 2011)
*2 As of September 2011 (Mazda data)
*3 Measured by Mazda. Ac electricity consumption rate and driving range were measured under certain test conditions. Actual figures will vary depending on a variety of factors including weather and traffic conditions, driving style and the use of features such as air conditioning, etc.)

A simple and efficient brake energy regeneration system

The Demio EV employs a regeneration system that generates the optimum amount of electricity in accordance with the operation of the brake and accelerator. When the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the system regenerates electricity while producing a degree of deceleration similar to an engine break. When the driver steps on the brake the system regenerates electricity in proportion to the pressure applied to the brake while working in conjunction with a conventional friction brake. The Demio EV's brake energy regeneration system simply and efficiently regenerates electricity while maintaining a natural and comfortable brake feel.

Lightweight electric drive unit

Usually cars which are converted to electric vehicles weigh more than the models on which they are based. However Mazda, with its relentless focus on driving performance, searched for every possible opportunity to reduce weight by even a single gram, such as the use of aluminum for battery pack casing. As a result, the weight increase compared to the base model was kept down to 190 kg. At only 1,180 kg, the Demio EV is a lightweight electric vehicle.

EV-unique functions

The merits of electric vehicles are not limited to the mechanisms which drive the car, such as the battery and motor. The Demio EV is compatible with two different charging systems and can also be used as an electricity supply capable of delivering up to 100V. These are function unique to vehicles that run on electricity.

Two power-charging ports

The Demio EV has a fast charging port in the front and normal charging port at the rear, making it compatible with the CHAdeMO quick charge system and the regular 200-V charging system.

Fast charging

The fast charging system complies with the CHAdeMO standard, and can charge the battery from the point at which the low-battery warning light comes on to about 80% of capacity in just 40 minutes.
(When used a fast charging system with 50 kW of output)

Normal charging

Using the 200-V charging cable, the Demio EV can be charged in much the same way as other household appliances. It can be fully charged in approximately eight hours from the point at which the low-battery warning light comes on. It also features Remote Charge mode that allows the owner to set the start and stop time for charging and Timer Charge mode that charges the vehicle at a pre-set time.

100-V electricity supply system outside

A 100-V power supply system is available (as a factory-installed option) to be equipped beneath the rear trunk in the Demio EV. This system can supply up to 1,500 W and 100 V of electricity to household appliances. This system is also useful as a power source when enjoying outdoor activities and as an emergency power source in a time of disaster.

IT Support System enables remote control of a variety of functions

The following operations can be carried out for the Demio EV with a PC or smart phone via Internet.

Remote reservation, start and stop charging
Remote reservation start and stop air conditioning
Email notification of start and stop of remotely controlled operations
Battery status check

Vehicle Proximity Notification System for consideration to pedestrians of the vehicle's approach

Electric vehicles make very little noise when running because they do not have engines. For this reason the Demio EV features a device designed to alert pedestrians of the vehicle's approach. At speeds of 25km/h or less, speakers mounted inside the engine bay generate a pseudo-driving noise which changes with vehicle speed.




Demio EV DBA-DE3FS altered




Seating capacity




Overall length*


Overall width*


Overall height*




Tread (Front/Rear)*


Minimum ground clearance*


Interior length*


Interior width*


Interior height*


Vehicle weight*



Minimum turning radius*


AC electric power consumption (JC08 mode test cycle)*


Range on a single charge (JC08 mode test cycle)*


Drive Battery  



Total voltage*


Total energy*




Permanent magnet three-phase alternating current synchronous electric motor

Max. power*

75kW<102PS>/5,200 - 12,000rpm

Max. torque*

150N · m<15.3kgf · m>/0 - 2,800rpm

Transmission device

Final reduction ratio*




Rack and Pinion

Suspension (Front/Rear)

McPherson Strut/Torsion beam

Main brake (Front/Rear)

Ventilated disc brake/Leading trailing drum brake

Tire size (Front/Rear)

175/65R14 82S

* Measured by Mazda


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