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Carley Smith



Carley Smith is one of the newest members here at Courtenay Mazda, having only been with us since fall of 2015. Formerly she was working for Corey & Amanda in Grand Prairie Alberta and was invited to join the team here on Vancouver Island which she graciously accepted due to the warmer climate and loyalty to her awesome employers. Carley is originally from Cape Sable Island in Nova Scotia, though has spent the last eight years in Alberta before relocating here. In the past, Carley has worked for numerous dealerships including Hyundai, Nissan, VW, Subaru and Mitsubishi.

When not working in the office at Courtenay Mazda, Carley is found hanging out with her dogs Rusty and Mini, dining out at one of the fabulous restaurants in the valley, shopping or cozying up with a good book. She is also our resident TV guru, and enjoys shows such as the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Supernatural and Big Brother to name a few.