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Mazda's breakthrough SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is an innovative automotive engineering strategy that delivers superior fuel economy, enhanced safety, lower emissions and a natural, intuitive response to driver input - all without ever giving up an ounce of Mazda's signature driving exhilaration.



Réduction de la consommation d'essence - Courtenay Mazda

Lower fuel consumption

The SKYACTIV-G 2.0 L engine produces more low/mid-range torque, yet has lower fuel consumption and emissions than our previous 2.0 L engine.

High efficiency

The 2.5 L SKYACTIV-G engine has a high compression ratio for superior fuel economy and low- and mid-range torque that surpasses conventional gasoline engines.

Haute efficacité - Courtenay Mazda

Injecteur de carburant pour injection directe à six orifices - Courtenay Mazda

6-hole direct fuel injector

A high-pressure 6-hole direct fuel injector helps keep fuel cool to improve combustion efficiency.


Improved torque

The SKYACTIV-G engine is the world's first gasoline engine for mass production vehicles to achieve a high compression ratio of 13:1, capturing more energy from fuel and improving fuel efficiency and torque.

Augmentation du couple - Courtenay Mazda

Rapport de compression plus élevé - Courtenay Mazda

Raise the compression ratio

The dome-shaped pistons in the SKYACTIV-G engine raise the compression ratio, harnessing more energy from fuel.

Reduces friction

The SKYACTIV-G engine improves oil and water pump efficiency, and reduces friction in pistons, rods and crank shaft.

Réduction du frottement - Courtenay Mazda

Collecteur d'échappement 4-2-1 - Courtenay Mazda

4-2-1 exhaust manifold

The special 4-2-1 exhaust manifold is one of the innovations in the SKYACTIV-G engine that helps make a high compression ratio possible.


Precise responsiveness

To build the SKYACTIV-Drive transmission, we combined all the best features of modern transmissions to get smooth shifting, steady acceleration, and the precise responsiveness of a manual.

Réaction d'une grande précision - Courtenay Mazda

Plus de couple plus vite - Courtenay Mazda

More torque quickly

The SKYACTIV-Drive transmission takes the speed of the driver's pedal inputs into account. When the pedal is pressed slowly, the transmission does not shift until the driver has used all available torque. When the pedal is pressed quickly, the transmission shifts down sooner to give the driver more torque more quickly.

6-speed skyactiv-MT

Inspired by the legendary MX-5, the 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission is smaller, lighter and stronger than any we've built before - promoting better fuel economy.

Boîte manuelle SKYACTIV-MT à 6 rapports - Courtenay Mazda

Meilleur rendement énergétique - Courtenay Mazda

More fuel efficiency

SKYACTIV-Drive transmission delivers more fuel efficiency than our previous automatic transmission, combining the responsive feel of a manual with the smoothness of an automatic.


Improved body rigidity

Through smarter engineering and materials, we were able to improve body rigidity (for better handling) and shed weight, all while improving crash safety performance and fuel economy.

Amélioration de la rigidité de la coque - Courtenay Mazda

Acier à très haute résistance - Courtenay Mazda

Ultra-high-tensile steel

We are constantly searching for new ways to make you safer behind the wheel. That's why Mazda is the first auto manufacturer to use ultra-hightensile steel in body construction.

Steel & aluminum

Until now welding two different metals such as steel and aluminum has been a difficult task. However, by optimizing the rotating tool shape and joining characteristics, and by using galvanized steel on one side, joining steel and aluminum has been made possible.

Acier et aluminium - Courtenay Mazda

Agile à basse vitesse, stable à haute vitesse - Courtenay Mazda

Nimble at low speed, stable at high speed

The SKYACTIV-Chassis steering and suspension systems achieve two seemingly contradictory goals - nimble at low speeds, yet stable at high speeds. And stability and responsiveness are both key components of how a vehicle performs when safety matters.



Mazda's predictive i-ACTIV AWD is an on-demand system featuring sensors that check road conditions 200 times every second. Built to sense, and respond to these conditions, i-ACTIV AWD helps to ensure a more confident drive.


Décoder les intentions - Courtenay Mazda

Driver intent

The i-ACTIV AWD system uses numerous sensors to determine the driver's intentions. Is the driver intending to accelerate? How sharply is the steering wheel turned? How much pressure is on the brakes? These and other considerations are taken into account, and determine how the system reacts in order to achieve optimum control.

Road conditions

i-ACTIV AWD constantly monitors exterior temperature, wiper operation, the amount of torque required to turn the front wheels and the load on the engine. As a result, the system knows if it's snowing or raining, if the road is slippery, if the driver is on a hill or attempting to turn. This enables the i-ACTIV AWD system to accurately predict when slippage will occur.

Conditions routières - Courtenay Mazda

Conditions glissantes - Courtenay Mazda

Slip protection

i-ACTIV AWD is designed to send just enough torque to the rear wheels to prevent slippage from occurring. By doing this, it provides the traction associated with all-wheel drive, while minimizing the impact on fuel consumption.


An ideal split of torque between the front and rear wheels is achieved through the i-ACTIV AWD command module's innovative 200-times-per-second calculations, allowing for quick and responsive reactions that ensure a better, controlled drive.

Arithmétique - Courtenay Mazda

reponse - Courtenay Mazda


Direction from the command module lets the i-ACTIV AWD system apply the required torque to the wheels to deliver an exceptionally stable driving experience with better control over acceleration, turns, breaking and slippage.


i-ACTIV AWD was designed to deliver exceptional responsiveness and to challenge the convention that an AWD vehicle must be inefficient. In order to deliver the benefits of AWD and excellent fuel efficiency they set out to reduce the weight of the AWD components and to minimize frictional losses.


Réduction des pertes par frottement - Courtenay Mazda

Reducing frictional losses

Engineers even studied the way the oil moves through the gears in order to enhance the efficiency of the system.

Weight reduction

In creating i-ACTIV AWD, engineers carefully scrutinized the design and materials used for every component. The result of these efforts is a 43% weight reduction compared to the previous generation system.

Perte de poids - Courtenay Mazda

KODO Design


Design Kodo - Courtenay Mazda

Our new KODO "Soul of Motion" design language abounds with graceful, yet energetic, lines. Like the effects of wind or the flow or water, KODO is a unique expression of power and beauty seen in instantaneous motion at the very moment motion begins. It's a cheetah pouncing on its prey. It's the moment a sword strikes in the ancient Japanese art of kendo. It's instantaneous power, speed, ignified tension and sophisticated beauty. And it's highly seductive.

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KODO Design

KODO "Soul of Motion" design intricately blends dynamism and emotional appeal, evoking an intelligent, dignified and spirited poise.

Kodo - Courtenay Mazda

Performance - Courtenay Mazda


The MAZDA6-exclusive alloy wheels look better, wear better and - most of all - handle better, with less vibration and greater resistance to twisting forces. Like the technology above them, they perform.

Soul Red

No shade of red was good enough. So we engineered a new one with an elaborate three-step painting process. The result is a red so deep, yet so vibrant, it could only be called Soul Red.

Performance - Courtenay Mazda

Espace résolument athlétique - Courtenay Mazda

Ultimate athletic space

KODO interior design creates "ultimate athletic space," focusing on linking ergonomics with basic mechanical functions.

Meticulous craftsmanship

The shape, look and feel of a KODO cockpit reveals meticulous craftsmanship and quality materials that heighten the senses and make travelling a very comfortable proposition.

Une finition soignée - Courtenay Mazda

HMI - Courtenay Mazda


The new Human-Machine Interface (HMI) cockpit design has optimum space and easy access to technology tools that enable the driver to focus on the task of driving.

Controlled intuitively

Thanks to the available HMI Commander Switch, audio, navigation and Bluetooth® can be controlled intuitively and smoothly using rotary, push and tilt operations.

Controle intuitif - Courtenay Mazda

Esthétique et acoustique - Courtenay Mazda

Aesthetics & acoustics

The available leather-trimmed upholstery on the MAZDA6 is so meticulously crafted that its perforated holes are spaced flawlessly to enhance not only the cabin's aesthetics, but its acoustics as well.

Ride in first class

With KODO design, even passengers ride in "first class." With generous legroom and scalloped seats, passengers receive the "chauffeur" treatment.

Voyagez en première classe - Courtenay Mazda

Les premiers bioplastiques au monde - Courtenay Mazda

World's first bioplastics

In collaboration with industry-academia-government, Mazda has developed the world's first bioplastic that can successfully be employed in car production. Bioplastics are carbon-neutral and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, thus producing less CO2.

Three-Layer Wet Paint System

Mazda has developed the unique Three-Layer Wet Paint System, the first technology in the world to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2 emissions simultaneously.

Application de trois couches de peinture - Courtenay Mazda

Écran de conduite active - Courtenay Mazda

Active Driving Display

Keep your eyes focused on the road with the Active Driving Display projects critical driving information like speed, navigation, safety alert and cruise control right within your line of sight.



i-ACTIVSENSE is a new generation of active safety technologies that automatically sense the vehicle’s environs – from nighttime lighting, to the proximity of other vehicles – and help the driver recognize hazards, avoid collisions and reduce the severity of accidents when they simply cannot be avoided.

technologie i-ACTIVSENSE - Courtenay Mazda

Système de surveillance de l'angle mort - Courtenay Mazda

Blind Spot Monitoring System

Mazda's Blind Spot Monitoring System uses radar sensors to detect objects in your left or right blind spots and then alerts you with a warning light in the appropriate side mirror.

i-ACTIVSENSE - Blind Spot Monitoring | Car Safety | Mazda Canada

Adaptive Front Lighting System

The Adaptive Front Lighting System provides enhanced nighttime illumination by moving up to 15º in the direction of your turn, allowing you to spot potential hazards ahead.

i-ACTIVSENSE - Adaptive Front Lighting | Car Safety | Mazda Canada

Système d'éclairage avant adaptatif - Courtenay Mazda

Alerte de trafic transversal arrière - Courtenay Mazda

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When backing out from a parking spot, Rear Cross Traffic Alert detects any vehicle approaching from the side and promptly alerts the driver.

i-ACTIVSENSE - Rear Cross Traffic Alert | Car Safety | Mazda Canada

Lane Departure Warning System

The Lane Departure Warning System senses lane markings on the road and alerts the driver when it predicts the vehicle is going to unintentionally depart from its lane.

i-ACTIVSENSE - Lane Departure Warning | Car Safety | Mazda Canada

Système d'avertissement de sortie de voie - Courtenay Mazda

Système de commande des feux de route - Courtenay Mazda

High Beam Control

High Beam Control automatically switches between high and low beams - helping the driver quickly spot pedestrians and other potential obstructions on the road at night.

i-ACTIVSENSE - High Beam Control System | Car Safety | Mazda Canada

Smart City Brake Support

Detects objects ahead at low speeds and prepares the vehicle to stop by adjusting the brake pads closer to the disc. If no driver action is taken, the system automatically applies the brakes.

i-ACTIVSENSE - Smart City Brake Support | Car Safety | Mazda Canada

Système intelligent d'aide au freinage en ville - Courtenay Mazda

Régulateur de vitesse à capteur radar de Mazda - Courtenay Mazda

Mazda Radar Cruise Control

Mazda Radar Cruise Control monitors the speed of the vehicle ahead and automatically adjusts cruise control settings to maintain a safe headway distance.

i-ACTIVSENSE - Radar Cruise Control | Car Safety | Mazda Canada

Forward Obstruction Warning

The Forward Obstruction Warning system detects vehicles ahead and alerts the driver to an approaching risk of collision early enough for the driver to take evasive action.

i-ACTIVSENSE - Forward Obstruction Warning | Car Safety | Mazda Canada 

Système d'avertissement d'obstruction à l'avant - Courtenay Mazda

Système intelligent d'aide au freinage - Courtenay Mazda

Smart Brake Support

Helps avoid or reduce the severity of collisions at mid to high speeds by detecting vehicles and obstacles as far as 200 metres ahead. When a risk of collision is detected, the system slows the car by automatically applying the brakes.



i-ELOOP is a unique regenerative braking system that creates electricity from wasted energy when you slow down. Unlike conventional systems that use a battery, i-ELOOP uses a capacitor to store energy to help power electrical features. The result: improved fuel economy.

i-ELOOP - Regenerative Braking | SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY | Mazda Canada

i-ELOOP - Courtenay Mazda

100 % de la puissance du moteur - Courtenay Mazda

100% engine power

Usually, about 10% of an engine's output powers electrical systems. With i-ELOOP regenerative brake system, 100% of the engine's power can be used for propulsion - for better fuel economy.

Saving engine power

The i-ELOOP regenerative braking system stores kinetic energy created during deceleration. The stored energy is then used to power the vehicle's electrical systems - saving engine power for driving.

Ménager la puissance du moteur - Courtenay Mazda

Dispositif ingénieux d'économie de carburant - Courtenay Mazda

Ingenious gas saver

Imagine a brake system that actually saves you gas. Mazda did. The i-ELOOP regenerative braking system is an ingenious gas saver by allowing energy from gas to power vehicle propulsion only, rather than being wasted on powering the vehicle's electrical system.